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Parkview Hills Pictorial

Parkview Hills has a wealth of activities and events
every month throughout the year. Take a look at past
events and the scenic landscape that have graced the
Parkview Hills community. Please click on the thumbnail
to see a closer view of each picture.

Spring Scenes

Take a leisurely walk around the Parkview Hills community.      Welcome to the Parkview Hills Community.      This is the big picture.      Enticing you to take a stroll on the bridge.     
Summer Scenes

The fountain spray high into the air with the sandy beach in the background.      A swan graceously swims past the fountain .      Stop at the clubhouse for an activity break or breather.      take a walk to the gazebo to feed the swans.     
Fall Scenes

Ducks enjoying the fall spendor.      Come on in to the clubhouse.      Water as smooth as glass.     
Winter Scenes

Tranquility abounds shrowded in blankets of snow.      No one can be seen for miles.      Convence to businesses and restraunts right next to beauty.